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The construction industry has developed practical work-based schemes called apprenticeships. This helps the workforce become skilled and qualified. Training is necessary for qualification, and success in a business starts with well-trained individuals.

If you or your loved one is in the construction industry, then training and certification is a must-have in order to continue the profession. ConstructionSkills is a partner of the Sector Skills Council for Construction. Information on this site is provided for people who want to be certified in the trade by 2010. It also contains the latest health and safety legislation information.

Pupils between ages 14 and 16 can get involved in young apprenticeships to get a taste of the industry. ConstructionSkills provides this type of program as well as Programme Led Apprenticeships. Over 10,000 young individuals take advantage of these opportunities every year to learn, work, earn and get qualified all at the same time.

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