the ‘za of the week (dec 28 – jan 5)

On Thursday, Mare and I made a specialty pizza. This one did not have too many toppings, but it was a break from the usual marinara-based pizza. We used an Alfredo sauce topped with spinach, chicken and marinated artichoke hearts.

The chicken was prepared the same way as last week’s ‘za. Spinach keeps well in the fridge, so we used the rest of what we had. The artichoke hearts were marinated in an Italian dressing-type marinade. The combination created a very unique flavor.

Since I decided to use the rest of the spinach, it went over the edges. I used about two times more spinach than the previous ‘za, since this one didn’t have as many toppings. You’ll see in the next picture why the spinach needs to be covered with cheese.

This pie came out beautiful. As you can see, the spinach that wasn’t under the cheese dried up.

Amongst the savory deliciousness, the artichoke hearts brought a tangy flavor to the mix. We should have gone with artichoke hearts that were kept in something else like a garlic oil infusion or even just stored in a brine. Overall though, this pizza was very satisfying.

This post wouldn’t be complete with the close-up. Near the bottom of this photo, the spinach kept its moisture due to being placed under the chicken and artichoke hearts. Always keep this in mind when cooking spinach on a pizza: cover it.


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