the remote challenge

I would like to know a way I can remote in from a 32-bit PC running Windows XP to a 64-bit PC running Debian Etch. The answer to this mystery would be swell.

I’ve read a bit on VNC. Most of it flies over my head but from what I can decipher, this will do the deed. I’m still looking into it and hope to figure it out.

C’mon, nerds. Help a brother out.


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One thought on “the remote challenge”

  1. Hey fool- just install a VNC server on your Debian system. That’s it. Most VNC servers have web interfaces. Since it’s over your network, you shouldn’t see any lag. You just point your browser to ip.address:portNumber and you’re good to go.

    Check out they have a free version that works on Windows/*.NIX systems. I think you can use the Linux server and the Windows client, though I’m not 100% certain; it should work that way. I know it has a web interface and I know that works.

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