the 24 hours in new mexico

Check out 24 Hours in New Mexico, a 389-page collection of work produced by over 40 creators in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on 24 Hour Comics Day 2007.

The post that presented this collection encouraged everyone to link to the PDF, make copies and distribute this amazing collection free of charge.

Modern Soapbox has archived 24 Hours in New Mexico for the sake of preserving the masterpiece in itself, a representation that encapsulates the effort and passion put forth to conquer the challenge of creating a 24 hour comic.

Download 24 Hours in New Mexico

Download 24 Hours in New Mexico

Pages have not been removed, added, or modified in any way. Each creator retains copyright to their respective contribution. This book contains some adult language and subject matter.

The ZIP file is 57.53 MB and was downloaded from MediaFire on 2008-Jan-24. The ZIP file was uploaded to [email protected] on 2008-Jan-24 with no modifications to its contents.

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