the cellular resurrection

For over the past couple weeks, I have been without my cell phone.

I woke up one morning to discover my phone was off. I tried to power it on to no avail. I attached the battery charger and tried to fire it up. No dice. I figured I’d let it stay on the charger even though the LED indicator wasn’t lighting up. Maybe I thought it might have gotten damp from cup sweat from a late night glass of water and needed some time to dry. Miracles happen that way with electronics all the time.

A day passed, and the phone still wouldn’t power on. I’m too frugal to invest in one of those replacement plans that my phone service provides. Quality electronics always come with a warranty, right? To add, I had my last cell phone for over seven years. I had to change out the battery a few times, but other than that, I never had any issues with the device itself. I did enter the period in the decade when having a monochrome screen on your cellular device is a bit of an embarrassment, plus the third replacement battery was kicking the bucket.

I looked into the manufacturer warranty and called them up. They gave me the address to send my phone and noted that I’d be without my phone for 2-3 weeks. That was completely fine with me. I’d rather not drop a Benjamin on another new device when I have one still under warranty. I don’t do much chatting on the phone. I do have alternate methods of communication which I do and did use while I was sans Katana II. My main method of contact was Gmail which worked well aside from the lack of urgency. I was able to check my voicemail messages with Mare’s phone which I did rarely, but again, I rarely receive calls.

My main concern with having a cell phone is that I will have a quick way of calling in case of emergency. I can also make a call just about anywhere I am, so the convenience is what makes it worth paying for. I did fine without my phone for a couple weeks aside from my mother worrying about me. I did pay her visit to give her my life’s update, and we have dinner scheduled this upcoming weekend.

I probably pay less for my cellular service than most users, so I believe it’s OK that I don’t use it too often. I just like the assurance knowing that if I had to make an immediate call or a call on a private line that I can do that wherever and whenever I feel like it. I also like having a direct method of communication that doesn’t involve me utilizing a keyboard/sitting in front of a computer.

A notice was on my door that UPS had stopped by to deliver my phone this past Friday, but no one was at the apartment to sign for the package. They stopped again by the apartment today. K$ and Mare were present to sign for it. Hoping that my phone was just repaired, it turned out that it was replaced.

Apart from spending the time to customize my settings and add my contacts back in, I am happy that my cellular device is back in my possession. Fortunately, my dinosaur of a phone that I used for 7+ years can still be powered on, and I was able to salvage most of my contacts from it. Nothing much in the realm of being somewhat of a socialite has changed since I upgraded my phone back in August.

I realize that wireless services provide a wireless backup service where they can save your contacts in their database so when you upgrade or replace your phone, you can download relevant information back into your device such as your contact numbers. Again, I’m frugal, and I don’t believe in paying a monthly fee for this kind of service.

My phone dying was a fluke. Unfortunately, I couldn’t power it on to enter the numbers into a text document to save on my computer where I pay the pennies for electricity to operate. But again, my monolith of a phone was dusted off and powered on with phone book still intact. That old device has sentimental value to me, and it still managed to keep the contacts that I still keep in touch with and then some.

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