the 2wenty-9ine

To celebrate February’s 29 days this year, I am on a mission to create a post a day. I slacked a bit lately, but I’m focused this month.

This post is just the introduction. Nothing will be written today that’s worth much of anything, but I won’t skimp out and give you something to read.

I’m glad it’s Friday, and it’s a payday for me. I’m also happy to know that even with the lack of a day or two as compared to the other months, I will still have three paydays.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to ravaging the Chinese buffet with K$, Mare and my br0. I think we’re going to the buffet where the hot and sour soup makes me feel ultra full at the end, and I feel like I’m gonna pop. I do look forward to this buffet, because they know how to distinguish between sesame chicken and General Tso’s chicken unlike the other buffet I love to frequent.

Lately, Mare and I have been regularly going to the Canary Roost after J-Bone gets out of work. I get a kick watching drunkards sing karaoke, and their drink prices are very reasonable. Mare has been getting out of work late on Friday these past couple weeks, so we’ve just been going to the Roost when she gets to the apartment.

Today, she should be getting out earlier, so we have planned to have our Bustaburgeresque night. We haven’t been going to Whataburger lately, but in its place we’ve been going to Kerbey Lane off 183.

We changed our Blockbuster online plan a bit ’cause they jacked up the price again, and it’s almost unreasonable. We started in late 2006 getting three Blockbuster movies in the mail and a free rental coupon for in-store every month for $24.99.

Then, they revamped their program and started calling it Blockbuster Total Access. Instead of putting your movies in the mail, you could take them to the store and exchange them for three more rentals. This was the most awesome deal ever even when they jacked it up to $29.99 a month.

At the end of the year last year, they decided to increase the price again for this plan to $34.99 a month. I said screw that, and we downgraded our plan to the three movies by mail and five in-store exchanges a month for $19.99.

Doing the math we figured that it’d be a very expensive subscription to pay the deal that went up ten dollars in less than a year and a half. We spread out our five monthly rentals to one to two rentals a week which doesn’t keep us from visiting Mundo at the Braker location. I’m just disappointed that the three-for-three deal with us and Blockbuster had to end.

I’m surprised why people don’t subscribe to Blockbuster online and insist on paying full rental charge when they could be getting a much better deal through Blockbuster online. Even though Mare and I maybe go through more DVDs than others, Blockbuster has all types of plans to suit the avid movie watcher’s needs.

To wrap this post up ’cause it turned out longer than I thought, drive safe and have an amazing February.

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