the groundhog

Saturdays for me are usually spent sleeping in because I can. I’ll noodle around on my computers a bit, and even watch a little YouTube. This usually stems from getting wrapped up in the Wikipedia matrix.

Here’s today’s fun video as a result from the Wikipedia/YouTube vortex:

My favorite part is the solo at about 2:05 where the guitarist is in front of a wall of Marshall amps.

I loaded the dishwasher and made myself some creamy chicken ramen. The buffet is still a couple hours or so away, so I had to tie myself over ’til then.

I had the choice of reading Unlikely by Jeffrey Brown or watching Troma’s War. I went for the latter ’cause I just feel like relaxing in front of a movie right now.

In about an hour, I’ll hit the shower to feel full of power to conquer the buffet. Peace out.

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