the super bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived, and NFL fans across the US are all geared up. I’m not a football fan myself, so I don’t really keep up with any of it.

My brother and I will be dropping by PK’s to fix a busted wire on his Les Paul. Afterwards, we’ll be visiting our mother for the scheduled monthly dinner outing. Mare & I will stop by the grocery store later tonight. That’s my Sunday. No football involved.

Weatherwise, today has been one of the hottest days lately. I’m sure all of the football fans enjoy this weather, because their grills will stay nice and hot while they cook up some carcasses. Personally, I’m a fan of the 65-70°F range where it’s nice and cool. I can tolerate temperatures anywhere from 60-100°F, but 65-70 is where it’s at.

End of my rant today. I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on with this daily post thing. Three down, twenty-six to go. Stick it to me.

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