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the ‘za of the week (feb 3 – feb 9)

The ‘Za of the Week was topped with: two Italian sausage links, half of a red onion, seven white mushroom caps, and ricotta. Yes, ricotta. This very mild cheese normally used in lasagna makes an excellent pizza topping. I learned this one from a pizzeria I was employed at for years. They used it on their gourmet pesto pizza which was one of their best specialties.

I failed at using enough Parmesan on this one which resulted in a pie that was soggier than usual. It still tasted great. With the onions, mushrooms and ricotta holding a decent amount of liquid as well as the liquid in the marinara, a good amount of Parmesan should have been used to soak it all up.

I really love when parts of the ricotta get that golden color from being baked. I notice that the pizza in the “after” photos look like they’re either floating or superimposed in the picture. That’s due to the cooling rack it’s sitting on when the picture’s taken.

We used skim milk ricotta which is another reason for the excess liquid from the toppings. Overall, it was a very tasty pizza, and we plan on using ricotta again on the weekly pies in the near future.

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