the voiceless postalveolar fricative

My routine is good. My schedule is steady.

I sleep somewhere between two and four in the morning. Sometimes I don’t get to sleep ’til later, but I can blame my mind when that happens.

I have three alarms set on my phone to go off in intervals. The ringer is set to something annoying. When the first alarm (a.k.a. Trample!) sounds, I hit the snooze and take the phone to bed with me. This alarm is dismissed, and the other two are set to ring thirteen and thirty minutes from this one respectively.

The second alarm (a.k.a. Work Dammit) sounds, and I repeat the hitting of the snooze. This one I depend on most and won’t dismiss it. I’ll usually get up to this one unless my dreams have full grasp of my consciousness. That is why I have the third alarm (a.k.a. Seriously…).

The third alarm is my failsafe and has yet to let me down (*knocks on wood*). By this time, the sleep should mostly be out of my system by sitting myself up and setting myself back into reality.

I warm up the shower and warm up a cinnamon roll. I shower and dry off. I dress while eating the cinnamon roll. Socks then shoes. Fill my pockets with my necessities, exit the apartment and lock the door. In my car I go to make the commute to work.

I enter work for eight hours. Everything I do is kept mostly secret with a nondisclosure agreement I signed to maintain my employment for the company. In case you were wondering in a nutshell, I am a cog like millions of other hard-working Americans.

After I clock out for the day, I leave the business complex and make my short commute back home. The sun is out, and the night’s blanket covers the town.

I get back to my apartment complex, stop by the mailbox to pick up the mail, cross my fingers that sweet parking is available, park my car, and enter my humble abode.

Dinner’s usually planned in advance. I usually eat at home six days out of the week. This makes the wallet fatter and my peace of mind much happier. My meals cost less than eating at chains, but once I can find the place that can feed me for the price I pay, then I’ll eat there every day.

After dinner, my latest routine is to update what you’re reading right now followed by a movie. I think I’m watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Mare tonight, but I also have He Was A Quiet Man and King of California to choose from. Mare & I watched Across the Universe last nite which was an amazing movie. Another good movie we watched recently was Juno. We also viewed I Am Legend, but I didn’t think that movie was too great.

By this time, the two to four in the morning range in time has arrived, and I’ll put on something episodic such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to start me on my voyage back to the dreamworld. Last night, it was Green Day’s International Supervideos!, and I faded out during Nimrod‘s Last Ride In.

We have reached the end of the weekday cycle, therefore we have reached the end of this post in order to allow me to continue on with the routine. Peace out.

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