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I work in a processing matrix. Today, one of my managers was going to be showing up to work late, and I was chosen to take his place to interview a potential director of operations. This is the revamped position for the operations manager which has had four different people employed as in the past nineteen months I’ve been employed at the company.

I think the reason is that everyone who has come along lately has tried to dramatically change the chaos we live in. Basically, when they take on the job, they are sucked into a vortex that they have to accustom themselves to or otherwise suffer ’til they implode.

Whenever that position opens, I feel bad for the next person who has the nerve to attempt to take on the job. I don’t see them lasting long. Metaphorically speaking, the last one that came along tried to implement changes and was only successful enough to get the house cleaned but not the furniture moved in.

Fortunately, the other interviewers had taken him to lunch, and they ran into my time which was then going to run into the GM’s time. I was off the hook, but quite honestly, I’ve never had to really interview someone for a job. I was looking forward to it but felt obligated that I had to do it.

I did review his résumé. The position required someone to have 8+ years of experience in management or something of that sort. This guy had 20 years, so it was interesting what someone with 20 years of experience in a related field had for a résumé. Apart from not understanding the general rules of a résumé (it was four pages long), it was somewhat impressive.

In a later meeting that I have with a team I meet with daily, they said they didn’t really like him, and I could kind of see that just reading his résumé. The résumé reflected experience, but the small details that stood out just made it seem too “cookie cutter.” I know you have to make an ideal fabrication of yourself to appear suited for a job, but if you have over 20 years of work experience, then I’d think your résumé would follow the basic rules of résumé-writing as well as a layout made to impress.

I’m done ranting about that. I think tonight’s movie is going to be King of California. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was an enjoyable watch but not meant to be taken too seriously. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Peace out.

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