the case of the mondays

I’m approaching the final hour of the day as I start this post. I definitely had the case of the Mondays. The day went by quick, but it almost felt everything was in disarray at work. I stayed busy as usual, but I wasn’t able to finish everything I planned for the day for once.

I am currently listening to The Network’s Money Money 2020 and enjoying it. If you’re gonna listen to the record, then make sure you get the version that has the cover of The Misfits’ Teenagers From Mars.

I’m working my way through Dilbert: The Complete Series and the fifth volume of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as the discs show up one by one in my mailbox. Fortunately, the Writers strike is coming to an end, so fresh programming should be flooding the torrents soon. Speaking of which, watching the second season of The Office is very addicting.

To conclude this post, check out a live performance from one of the better rock bands of the mid-90’s, Jawbreaker.

10-22-1994 at Nice-N-Sleazy, Glasgow

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