the keeper keeps on keepin’ on

Yes, I know. I said I’d post every day, but I missed the past couple days. Let me explain.

Unfortunately, the server this site’s on had a hiccup. This started happening as I was about to post on Tuesday. The host wasn’t able to resolve the issue until about 20 hours later. Ridiculous.

They got it up and working on Wednesday, but when I checked on some installations I have, some of it was broken. This made me unhappy. The hiccup was such a headache that I decided to work on fixing what was broken and didn’t feel like writing a post.

The GM of the hosting company I deal with granted everyone a free month of hosting, and I guess that’s cool. I still lost a little faith in them. Let’s see what will happen in the future.

I still have to fix a bunch of odds and ends which includes my email account connected with this site. That’s driving me mad. Also, you might notice some broken thumbnails in the Random Image block on the left. I’ll try to fix that soon.

This really shouldn’t have happened. This keeper will keep on keepin’ on. I’ll make up the posts to you. What am I behind? Two, right? OK then. Two more posts coming up. One tonite and +1 tomorrow. Hold me to it. Peace out.

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