the subroutine

Days like these seem to find themselves filed under perpetual. Days like these are spent quickly as a subroutine. When the time flies, we stop to think to ourselves, “Where did it all go?”

I’m typing this up right now, because I’m freezing a moment in time. I’m freezing something that isn’t much of a memory but still can be considered something important. I’m freezing this ’cause it’s just as useless as most of the time in the rest of your lives.

As I hit the keys on this keyboard while listening to bad eighties hits, I enjoy every second that I’m doing this, because I seem to spend too much time doing it.

As I drove to work today, I asked myself, “What would I do if I wasn’t surrounded by computers day in and day out?” My answer was that I’d probably be much more creative or in a sense, as creative as I used to think I was.

These machines have dumbed us down. You don’t care. I don’t care. It’s wonderful. You know it is ’cause you truly know how useless your existence really is. You’re never going to be anyone famous nor will you find yourself accumulating exorbitant wealth that you poured blood, sweat and tears to earn. That’s OK, right? I thought so.

This is just another negative post that’ll swim in the millions that will never be read. Keep telling yourself that. Don’t depend on this machine you’re reading this on ’cause it’s only hindering you. If you aren’t doing anything productive and just reading this worthless message, then you should rethink your master plan.

Now type/think/speak something like this now/some day/tomorrow ’cause you know you want to. Americans live in a country where you can do that. Other countries would kill you.

Author: Sig

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