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the shatterdae & the do-nothing

Saturdays have been devoted to doing a whole lotta nothing. This weekend day has been my day to unwind as much as possible. I prevent going out at all cost unless an important event has been scheduled for the day. Lately, I haven’t had anything going on that causes me to do much more on Saturdays than to hang out at the apartment.

I went on a movie binge today. I viewed a variety of DVDs. These films include: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, You’ve Got Mail, Shoot ‘Em Up, and Freejack.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a great View Askewniverse comedy. The entertainment ranks high in my book for funny movies. Kevin Smith knows how to make a film that is filled with perverted humor executed consistently. His next film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, should be a fun watch.

You’ve Got Mail is very much a chick flick. I enjoy it, because it cashes in on the AOL craze of the late nineties. The writing is good and makes a relaxing movie to watch on a boring Saturday.

Shoot ‘Em Up was an interesting action film. I was told that it was horrible, but I beg to differ. When it comes to cheeseball action films, this one is definitive. The cast includes Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, and Monica Belucci. Clive Owen plays the role as an action hero similar to Sin City. Paul Giamatti plays the main bad guy, and Monica Belucci plays the female lead character. The storyline is strange. The camera work is great. This movie is an exploitation of guns and violence fit for action film fans. I really enjoyed it despite the cheesy lines and ridiculous kills.

Freejack is a movie I latched on during my exploration of dystopian films. This 1991 film stars Emilio Estevez and is produced by Ronald Shusett who also brought Alien and Total Recall to cinema. Two humorous elements to this movie is Mick Jagger plays the main bad guy, and it’s a film that takes place in the future year of 2009.

I think I’ll be rewatching little bit of the fifth volume of Aqua Teen Hunger Force then enjoying our All-American pork dinner with sirloin chops, mixed veggies, and GV Thick & Creamy macaroni and cheese when Mare shows up after work. I’m excited about the mac ’cause it’s actual elbow macaroni versus the cylindrical noodles that are the norm of boxed mac ‘n cheese.

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