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Thank Goodness Tomorrow’s Friday.

I’m looking forward to going to Stubb’s after work to see one of my all-time favorite bands NOFX. The word through the grapevine is that they’re playing The Decline in its entirety. It’s 18+ minutes of one hell of an awesome song. I hope this rumor’s true, and that they play it for the Austin crowd. I’m excited. This will be a memorable Leap Day.

Today was yet another ultra-busy day at work. I wrapped up my weekly project. We got a new soda machine with a new selection of drink varieties. Added to the mix are: lemonade (the one I voted for but not the right brand), Mountain Dew, La Croix sparkling water, Sprite, Diet Pepsi, and Big Red. I see some of these changing in the future, but it’s a treat to have that many to choose from along with the other choices we’ve had before for only a quarter a can.

Another bonus at work today was that I finally received my nameplate. I guess that makes me an absolute official member of the crew. The discouraging type may think that nameplates are given out as a morale booster, but I earned it and you didn’t. This ex-pizza boy is now more of a corporate cog than ever. w00t!

Prepare yourself for the +3 posts I will be completing tonite ’cause 29 was the goal. Peace out.

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