the leap day

Happy Leap Day!

Yes! I have successfully written 29 posts this month to celebrate the 29 days of February that only come around every four years.

I will be watching NOFX rock out a sold out show tonite at Stubb’s.

An attack on the Chinese buffet has been scheduled for this Sunday. At least half a dozen of us will take part in this battle. w00t!

Tuesday, I will be revisiting Pluckers, but this time, no Fire in the Hole.

Alkaline Trio is currently in the studio working on their new record.

Thrice will be visiting Austin in April. I’m there.

I am so glad it’s Friday.

I am off to a bad start for today ’cause it’s half past five, and I am still awake.

I love my new bed.

Thank you and goodnite.

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