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When you’re looking for a hosting company to host your web sites with, many factors are considered.

First and foremost, you have to be concerned with price. Depending on how much traffic you drive to your site and how much ad revenue you can generate will determine whether you go with a smaller hosting company or a larger company that will allow you to pay for a dedicated server.

Next, research on the web hosting company’s reliability. Do they have a lot of downtime? Do they reflect customer satisfaction or customer frustration? Also look to make sure that the hosting company provides an uptime guarantee. If they don’t stick to this, then you can squeeze out a free month from them.

Last but not least, compare the hosting company’s available plans to other hosting company’s plans. How much disk space and bandwidth do they provide? How many addon domains, FTP accounts and SQL databases do they allow you to have on one account? What kind of software is at your fingertips?

Having to sign a contract for a year or more with the best web hosting company requires that you look into all your options before deciding on a host. Making the right decision will ensure that you maintain a happy relationship between you and the company.

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