the t.g.t.f. part deuce

Thank Goodness Tomorrow’s Friday.

Oh, what a week. Work managed to consume me. For a while, I enjoyed that I could conquer the challenges that I encountered at work. This week has been overwhelming, and I have felt drained these past couple days.

Yesterday, I was so drained that I didn’t even feel like doing much of anything on the computer at home except pop in a DVD and watch something.

Tonight, I had to stay at work an extra hour completing an intensive task, but I still had a couple other things to take care of after that. I’ve fallen behind, because I’ve been so swamped. I am looking forward to tomorrow being Friday.

Work has been solemn lately. I’m not sure if this reflection is based on me being stressed out at work or the place lately in general. I guess I overwork myself, because I go by the belief that if you want something done right then you have to do itself.

I am so glad that my brother is available to help me take care of some of the technical duties at my job. I’m grateful that he has the knowledge to whip together batch files that keep me from staying at work sixteen hours a day.

Mare and I enjoyed a homemade pizza last night, so the Za of the Week post will be coming up soon. Tonight, I think we’re having burgers and fries, another meal I highly enjoy. Peace out.

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