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the 9 to 4

I had to get up wicked early this morning, and I mean this by own standards. I normally work the dream shift of 12pm-8pm, but I had a meeting scheduled at 9am. I was five minutes early to work, and not to my surprise, the meeting didn’t occur. I’m sure it will happen next Thursday. I think my GM was under the weather.

Today is hott. Spring has returned, and the heat returns with it.

I mentioned the food consumption shift of weeks following payday. I have this mapped out so far:

  • Friday night, Trudy’s
  • Saturday afternoon, China Star
  • Tuesday, Pluckers

With the rest of my hard-earned dollars, I will pay rent and bills, afford groceries, pour overpriced petrol into my tank, and blow the rest on entertainment that includes but is not limited to comic books.

Speaking of comics, aside from my usual monthly subscriptions and awesome scores on eBay, I scoped out a local Half-Price Books to see if they had any gems. Yes, they did.

I scored both issues of the 2-issue Cable mini-series from the nineties as well as the first issue of the second volume of Cable. I also scored the Gen-13 graphic novel for half-price of course. I also landed three of the four issues of Cloak and Dagger.

Back in the ’80s, comics were relatively inexpensive. The cover price on the Cloak and Dagger issues were 60ยข each. Yes, I got them for half-price meaning that I paid less than a dollar for all three of them which would have been less than if I had bought them in the ’80s.

Granted that these books could only pass for good to fine condition, I only paid half-price for them. The comics shop up the street would have at least charged cover price if not a little more to recoup inventory costs plus they have a decent back issue selection but it’s definitely been picked over.

The Half-Price Books nearby is relatively new. I’d say it’s not even a couple years old. Imagine the gems I can find at the other Half-Price Books in this town. My ongoing mission is going to spend time in each one seeing what I can get. Condition doesn’t matter to me unless the book is ripped, stained, or has evidence of water damage. No more back issue buying for this guy at comic shops. It’s all Half-Price Books ’til my mission’s complete.

With the vast selection of comics at my fingertips itching for me to pull the $$ from my wallet in exchange, I can always find something worth reading some day. Oooh… pictures! Then again, comics aren’t a simple medium these days. Notice how they’ve invaded cinema and television, have been converted into books and novels as well as the reverse of cinema and television being converted into comics. Amazing, yes.

So this is my rant for today. Technically, I’d be getting out of work about two and a half hours from now but I pulled a 9 to 4 shift. Tomorrow, I’m doing a 12 to 6 which is going to be extra awesome ’cause the weekend really is around the corner and this cog will have been paid. TGTF. Peace out.

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