the good friday

It’s half past three. I’m still awake. I’m not tired, because I took a nap today. Today was a company holiday. I had the day off today plus I got paid. Company holidays are always a bonus.

I just purchased my Thrice tickets online. I want to say I’ve been watching them live every time they’ve stopped by Austin since 2002. I’m not completely sure about the year, but I am sure that I’ve been watching them since they’ve toured to support The Illusion of Safety.

Thrice has taken their music in a different direction since then, but I think it’s all for the better. Bands that last eventually grow up and stray from recreating the music they made when they were younger. Some bands keep their sounds their entire lifespans. Nothing with that.

This is the first new post I’m writing in WordPress 2.5. Release Candidate 1 came out a few days ago, and I was very eager to try it out. I am experiencing an issue with the Write Post function where the Visual mode is losing all of the formatting. I don’t get it. I’m sure I installed it correctly, because everything else is working fine. I am writing this in HTML mode, because it seems to work fine.

I just tried to Save my changes in Visual mode again, and it lost all of my line breaks. It’s annoying. I wonder if other RC1 users are experiencing this or if I messed something up when I installed it and I’m the only one. I’m not too worried with this post, because I’m not adding images or links but it will be bothersome with future posts.

I’ve been a eBay fanatic these past couple weeks. A couple of my latest scores are: a USB data cable for my Katana II and the out-of-print Aeon Flux DVD that contains four full-length episodes plus all of the shorts from Liquid Television. I’ll be able to download pictures from my phone to my computer without having to pay the wireless company fifteen bucks a month for their rip-off service.

Tonight, I will either pop in one of my new classic cartoon DVDs (Looney Tunes-era) or a TMNT disc (the original cartoons, not the new ones). I know it’ll be something animated and episodic. I’ll see what I’m feeling when I’m done with this post.

OK I just checked to make sure they were Looney Tunes-era cartoons or Merrie Melodies-era cartoons. They’re Looney Tunes-era, but they aren’t all Looney Tunes… just cartoons made around that time. Yes, I scored it in the dollar rack at Wally World, and it rules. Anyway, I’m feeling TMNT tonight ’cause this post has turned a little looney itself. Peace out.

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