the heroes in a half shell

Today has been relaxing and beautiful. I’ve been watching TMNT cartoons all day, and I made a meal out of ice cream. The weather is optimal, and I don’t have much planned but to enjoy my day. I have family obligations later tonight, but that will be done quick and painlessly.

I’m reading TMNT #15 right now from 1988. I guess I’ve been a Turtle fanatic very recently. I’m still annoyed with the visual editor not working correctly, but I guess I’m posting to get used to the HTML editor if the official release of 2.5 continues to do this to me.

I had the joy of uninstalling 2.5-RC1, reinstalling 2.5-RC1, uninstalling 2.5-RC1 again, reinstalling 2.3.2, uninstalling 2.3.2, and reinstalling 2.5-RC1 one more time to get back to square one. Fortunately, the process is mostly automated, so I just have to SET IT… AND FORGET IT!

I will get back to reading now. I’ve been wanting to read as many comics as possible lately, but I keep putting it off. Yes, I’ve been acting lazy and gazing way too much into this screen. I also have this itch in the back of my throat right now, and I’m hoping that I don’t get sick. I’m sure I won’t, but that’s me thinking optimistic.

Three-day weekends are fantastic.

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