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Last night on the way home, I picked up some cough syrup, Lysol and satin floss at Wally World. Before checking out, I had to stop by the dollar DVDs section of see if I could find more Toon Factory or Cartoon Craze classic animation compilation DVDs. I found six for a total of eight! w00t!

I landed a collection of Bosko, a cartoon from the 1930s, that I thought I’d never see again. Bonus. Classic cartoons have been something that I’ve been on a collecting kick this year.

I haven’t been feeling 100% since last night hence the cough sizzurp. I’m trying to get better as fast as possible. I don’t want to miss watching Sleepercar play at Mohawk’s tonight.

It’s painful to realize that my three-day weekend is almost over. I did get a great deal of relaxing in, but it was all exchanged early for the ‘under the weather’ feeling. I’m not sick sick, but my head feels congested and my throat feels a little sore. I’ve coughed up a few thick loogies, and my body aches. Those are all pretty much symptoms of being ill, but I can still operate like nothing was wrong with me.

I joked with Mare that I’m infected with both the Shanti virus and the Monstar virus. Cite those references.

And to throw out something random, an animated video for Ben Weasel’s Got My Number by Ben Levin:

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