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This past Easter Sunday, Sleepercar paid a visit to Mohawk’s in Austin, Texas.

Jim Ward, better known as the frontman for the rock band Sparta, has formed Sleepercar, an alt-country band heavily influenced by bands like The Old 97’s and Wilco. Their debut album, West Texas, will be released on April 22nd on Civil Defense League/Doghouse Records.


Sleepercar was greeted by a crowd of around fifty people and impressed them with a stellar performance on the narrow inside stage. The sound quality was excellent, and the audience was very supportive.

Sleepercar opened the show with a full ensemble version of On My Way Back Home Again, the first song from Jim’s solo EP, Quiet. Some audience members really wanted to capture this show with their camcorders on tripods and others with high-end still cameras with quality flashes.

Jim has been very prolific in creating music and performing live. I saw him last month at Red 7 in support of his solo record. He also played another solo show and a couple others with Sleepercar during SXSW.

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