the upgrade was successful

Yesterday, WordPress 2.5 was officially released. As you can tell from my previous post, I was skeptical since I experienced a couple issues I had with 2.5-RC1 were minor. I went for the upgrade anyway, and it was successful.

I didn’t do a clean install but went the route of upgrading 2.3.3 to 2.5. I had the handy instructions out even though I know how to upgrade it but just had them out for luck and just in case.

The visual editor works perfectly, and I’m very happy about that. This was the problem I had with 2.5-RC1 that gave me the biggest headache.

The sitemap generator plugin I use was also upgraded just in time for the release. Strangely enough, I was using 3.0.3, activated the plugin and saw that it still had the same problem. I went on the plugin site and saw that is available. I downloaded it, installed, and activated it. The bug has been resolved. My additional pages can now be seen and easily edited. w00t!

All I can really say with these two problems being resolved is that members of the WP community must be listening. I work for an internet service company, and I’ve learned that you have to raise a stink when you want something to get done. My faith in WordPress has been restored.

Now that I’m satisfied with being able to use WordPress 2.5 without any headaches, I can say that the WP-related posts will decline if not disappear for now. Peace out.

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