the last of the 3hirty or the record high

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The challenge has been conquered. With a less than two hours left in the day, I am writing the thirtieth post for April.

I’m gonna try to keep this short, and I’m sure I will since I didn’t post too long ago. This month went by fast as expected.

I’m gonna wrap April up with a small list of this month’s highlights from my perspective:

  • K$ made the Pluckers Wall of Flame.
  • I purchased and received enough comics to probably last me ’til 2009. (But I ain’t stoppin’!)
  • I turned 26.
  • My sister gave me a Buddy Christ bobblehead.
  • My brother put together an excellent BBQ birthday party extravaganza equipped with burgers, bratwurst, and keg.
  • Two words: ROCK BAND.
  • The third and fourth volumes of Thrice’s The Alchemy Index was released.
  • Sleepercar’s debut album, West Texas, was released.
  • Alkaline Trio released their Agony and Irony EP with a catchy single, Help Me.
  • I told Pluckers about how awful one of their waiters was by filling out one of their comment cards, and they apologized by sending me a $25 gift card.
  • Uncle Sam gave me some of my hard-earned dollars back plus approved me for one of his bonus checks.
  • Two ‘Zas of the Week.
  • I was excused from jury duty and had a fantastic half-day off.
  • I saw these great bands in no particular order: Thrice, Dynamite Boy, Cruiserweight.
  • I experienced why I do not like performance art.
  • Two words: ROCK BAND. (listed twice intentionally ’cause it r0xx that hard!)
  • Rivers Cuomo stole the main riff from Portside Scout’s R2D2 song to use in his single, Pork and Beans.
  • Working where I work wasn’t so bad for the 21st month in a row.
  • I purchased a new machine, c0rey foldman, whose creation is strictly intended to contributing to the [email protected] project.
  • I spent way too much time in the MoSo WP CMS by challenging myself to write thirty posts this month and successfully pulled it off like the ├╝ber g33k that I am.

This is the most posts in one month on Modern Soapbox which matched last June. Maybe I’ll go for 31 in July. I’ll be taking it easy from this next month to concentrate on my other projects that matter more, but I won’t abandon y’all. I promise. Peace out.

[ [ [ ZERO! ] ] ]

the chicken club chalupa

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A DVD is backed up over the network. The data is transferred to Diode, the alway-folding Debian system that hums quietly all day.

Work went by fast, but it was busy enough to be considered a stressfest. I’m glad to be back at the apartment, but Mare and I still have to make a stop by the Bust before our free DVD coupon expires as well as exchange a title after the backup completes.

Tomorrow is the early day, and again, I’m not looking forward to it. I will be in bed before 1AM, but I still have one more post to promise you after this.

I’m eagerly waiting for my new machine to arrive. I’m ready to assemble it. I’m ready to stay up all night relaxing to bringing something to life. It’s very therapeutic. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be building another one by the end of the year.

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. I’m excited. Mare and I will be on the road by 9AM to be one of the early birds to snag up some of that good stuff. The comic-collecting community is made up mostly of very nice people, so I am happy to be part of it. Now, I haven’t had experience on the creator standpoint, but maybe some day soon.

Mare and I had some amazing T. Bell. Their bacon club chalupa is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says. I love it. It was missing for a while, but they brought it back. I know it’s a specialty item that’s only around periodically like Whataburger’s T&H, but when it’s around, I’m on it. I’m gonna eat it at least once a week ’til it disappears from the menu again. If it becomes a permanent menu item, then it’s on!

73%. This disc’s copying over quick. I’m gonna end this rant here, and one more will follow before midnight. For now, peace out.

the tired and uninspired

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April has come and gone.

I’m hoping that May is more productive in my realm of creativity. I would like to do more writing that doesn’t involve spending more time on what you’re reading here than I should. Then again, I offered up the thirty-post challenge that I surely can’t allow to defeat me.

I’m hoping to be in the process of churning out something involving comics next month or at least be very close to making something happen. I also have a small video-like project that will be put together next month that you should be seeing posting here.

I’d also like to get caught up on my comic-reading, but it seems like I buy more than I should and create a huge backlog that will take me a very long time to work through. It’s the collector in me.

I haven’t been watching a whole lot of movies lately. Sleepytime involves putting on some classic cartoons and fading out to them. They bring back memories of my childhood. I thought I’d never get to see some of them, but fortunately the dollar DVD industry has picked them up and released a bunch of them.

Rock Band would definitely consume my time if it was here at the apartment.

Mare had a test that went on ’til 9PM, and Neil and the gang went to a Spurs game. Pluckers was canceled this week. I hope it resumes next week. We had that terrible waiter last time. He was so bad that I wrote a review about it (see: the pluckin’ good time 4/15). I also had the nerve to fill out their comment card online and refer the post to them. Surprisingly, the general manager of the location we went to responded and also hooked me up with a gift card. Bonus!

Work is going well. Our mainframe was upgraded and going faster than ever. This is helping production and making my job much easier. We also got a new director of operations, and he’s a cool guy. He listens and offers solutions. Our last boss seemed like he was going along for the ride and only lasted something like six months. Then again, that particular position seems to have a tremendous turnaround considering that it’s had the most people fill in the place since I’ve been there and it’ll only be two years this July.

I’ve done my rant for the night. Today’s the last day of the month. I have two posts left to go. Peace out.

the c0rey foldman

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Over the weekend, I went over to my favorite computer-shopping heaven on the www, Newegg.

For the past couple weeks, I was itching to build a Beowulf cluster, but the passion died down a bit after reading through some of RGB’s Beowulf book. The assembly will going to be very expensive, and I am unable to construct one of these beasts right now.

I still really want to move up in the ranks amongst the [email protected] community, so I purchased another machine.

“c0rey foldman” (I am naming it this.) will be built with the following:

  • ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI motherboard
  • AMD Athlon X2 BE-2300 processor
  • Kingston HyperX 1GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Kingston DataTraveler I 1GB flash drive
  • A black mid-tower case with silver trim and a 350W PSU

I was going with absolute simplicity and low-power consumption with this configuration.

Where’s the video card? Integrated on the motherboard.

Where’s the hard drive? I don’t need one. The flash drive will be loaded with Knoppix and [email protected]

The parts should be arriving tomorrow and/or the next day. I am excited to build this computer, because I haven’t built a desktop this simple before. I hope all goes well. I’ll post pictures when this baby is born.

the rock band

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[ [ [
Why is he writing about himself in third person? Go! ] ] ]

After the Dynamite Boy show, Neil, Mare and I drove back north and stopped by Wally World to pick up the XBox 360 version of the Rock Band Special Edition set that includes the guitar, drums, mic, and game. We planned on picking it up over the weekend, so then was the time.

It was already half past two by the time we were back in the car, and we still needed to pick up Neil’s car, drive back his place, set up the game, and have at it. Following Neil back to his place, I was definitely feeling major fatigue like I didn’t want to set up the game and wait ’til Sunday.

When we finally got to his place, it was close to three. Gunner was on the couch playing his advanced copy of GTA4. I was definitely getting a second wind while we set everything up Once we were ready to go, we played well into the night. By the time we were way too tired, it was already past six in the morning.

I slept in the next day. I slept in hard. When I was fully awake and functioning again, the clock read half past five in the afternoon. I was supposed to accompany my bro to bring my dad to the airport since his short vacation in town this past week ended. My mom ended up taking him to the airport. I think my bro had a Spurs game to watch, but I’m sure he slept through his alarm as well.

Around six, Neil texted me to see if I wanted to play some more Rock Band. They had already started, and K$ brought the second guitar.

That Sunday, K$, Gunner, MJ Carmichael, Neil, Mare, and I were troopers that played Rock Band for six more hours straight. That game is amazing. I love it. It’s very entertaining, and the multiplayer aspect makes it all worth spending so much time playing.

I’m sure we may get down and dirty on it this weekend. I’ll definitely be down. We need to conquer that game no matter how difficult it gets. It has already thrown us a few left hooks but nothing we couldn’t beat down. Demon Semen will conquer the world with its rock! That’s our band name. ; )

the dynamite boy reunion show

Dynamite Boy played a reunion show this past Saturday at Emo’s. They were greeted by a venue full of fans that was impressive for a show featuring all local bands. They’ve been one of my favorite pop-punk bands, and I’ve seen them multiple times over the years.

We showed up a little late, because parking in downtown Austin on a Saturday night is a nightmare. When we got to the door, Cruiserweight was already about fifteen minutes into their set.

I didn’t get too many pics at this show like I did at the Thrice show. This is one of the few pictures I took where you can see Dusty on the left tucked away in the corner. He was in the shadow where I was standing most of the show.

This was one of the fun black-and-white photos I took where it looks like history being recorded.

Sean pulls off one of his amazing solos.

Stella and Yogi (with cowbell in hand) from Cruiserweight join the fun on stage.

Adrian rocks out on the bass. He is one of the members of the first band to go on, The Armour.

Again, I have to apologize for the low-quality blurry photos. The DSC-T33 can be a hater when it comes to taken pictures under low-light conditions.

the performance art

During the evening portion of work this past Friday, one of my co-workers was leaving early to participate in what she called a play. She showed me the flyer online and invited to go. I was reluctant to attend ’cause I was under the impression that Mary was going to be getting out of work around 11ish and the performance was taking place at 10:30PM sharp.

Who shows up at the apartment earlier than expected? Mare! So we decide to go to the 10:30PM show.

We enjoy a meal at Sonic where by this time it’s raining cats and dogs. It had started coming down by the time we hit the road. After our delicious drive-in food, we head down to the east side of 35 where the “play” was taking place.

The venue, Historic Victory Grill off 11th, was neat. The area seemed to have gotten a makeover, since the city decided to clean it up to make more room for the indie folk that invades this mecca.

Of course the show starts fifteen minutes late. I didn’t know what we were in store for, but I knew my co-worker was going to be doing some presidential bit poetry dilly.

My co-worker’s set lasts no more than ten minutes. The entire show turns out to be some performance art assembly where no-talent hacks of Austin unite as some faux superpower to put on a show that gets videotaped to be replayed a week from when it was played. I can’t even explain what I witnessed, but it just wasn’t good. I had such a bad taste in my mouth after we left which was a few acts after my co-worker had gone on.

Maybe the bad taste was from the complimentary Lone Star beer I drank but I’m sure the show also influenced it. The performance art scene is not for me. Witnessing that train wreck explained to me why art scene elitism exists.

I am only expressing my opinion. I do grant them props for stepping up to the occasion and actually getting a production together. I just feel that more passion and rehearsal needed to go on with most of the participants involved. I felt like I was at some house party and mediocre entertainment was going on in the background.