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the last of the 3hirty or the record high

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The challenge has been conquered. With a less than two hours left in the day, I am writing the thirtieth post for April.
I’m gonna try to keep this short, and I’m sure I will since I didn’t post too long ago. This month […]

the chicken club chalupa

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A DVD is backed up over the network. The data is transferred to Diode, the alway-folding Debian system that hums quietly all day.
Work went by fast, but it was busy enough to be considered a stressfest. I’m glad to be back at the […]

the tired and uninspired

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April has come and gone.
I’m hoping that May is more productive in my realm of creativity. I would like to do more writing that doesn’t involve spending more time on what you’re reading here than I should. Then again, I offered up the […]

the c0rey foldman

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Over the weekend, I went over to my favorite computer-shopping heaven on the www, Newegg.
For the past couple weeks, I was itching to build a Beowulf cluster, but the passion died down a bit after reading through some of RGB’s Beowulf book. The […]

the rock band

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[ [ [ Is he gonna pull it off? ] ] ]
[ [ [ Why is he writing about himself in third person? Go! ] ] ]
After the Dynamite Boy show, Neil, Mare and I drove back north and stopped by Wally World […]

the dynamite boy reunion show

Dynamite Boy played a reunion show this past Saturday at Emo’s. They were greeted by a venue full of fans that was impressive for a show featuring all local bands. They’ve been one of my favorite pop-punk bands, and I’ve seen them multiple times over the years.
We showed up a little late, because parking in […]

the performance art

During the evening portion of work this past Friday, one of my co-workers was leaving early to participate in what she called a play. She showed me the flyer online and invited to go. I was reluctant to attend ’cause I was under the impression that Mary was going to be getting out of work […]