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the sound of typing in the dark

Today, I woke up this morning and it felt like Saturday. It also felt like it was about 11 in the morning, and I was telling myself that I had to meet my mother in a few hours.

Then I realized that it was Friday, and that it was about a quarter ’til 11. I had almost the right time, but I definitely had the wrong day. Being a Friday, I knew that I was going to have to be at work in an hour. Grumble.

Fortunately, it was Friday.

Friday’s usually come off as a lazy day. I stayed busy most of the day, and it went by fast enough for me. The weather was also wonderful. Today was cool (almost cold) and windy. The air felt fresh.

Usually, my workmates and I figure something to do after they get out of work for the night. Having the super awesome schedule I have, I’m off a few hours earlier than they are. Last week, they had made plans earlier in the week to go to a restaurant we really don’t frequent. I had made plans with Mare to go to Trudy’s.

My brother, Dirty Fingers, K$, Mare, and I all went to Trudy’s around 9:30 for dinner and drinks. I figured we’d meet up with my workmates after Trudy’s ’cause this other place is overpriced and their food isn’t as good. That’s what we attempted to do. We went to the other place, and they weren’t there. I called one of them up, and as it turns out, they decided to go to Trudy’s instead of this place, because one of the guy’s roommates was bringing someone they didn’t like too much and wanted to avoid any possible drama.

Seriously though, that was some PBS (punk *itch *hit). A few of the people in this group are in their early thirties, and they still play those high school games. In the workmate group was three people. Two more would join counting the roommate and his workmate. Then add the five of us and that would make ten. Wouldn’t you figure that with a group of ten that you can avoid one of those people for most of if not the whole night? Then again, I didn’t give them the guarantee that I was going to meet up with them nor did they know we were going to be a party of five (ha!).

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I thought it was extra lame of them to change their plans even though they were really looking forward to it all due to one person.

After getting the news that they went to where we just came from, we went down to the Crown and enjoyed each other’s company which actually turned out to be a great night. On our way back to the car from the other restaurant, the roommate called me. I figured that he had spotted us, but we were already disappointed. I ignored the call, and we just left to go where everybody knows your name.

I’m rehashing what happened a week ago, because today won’t be like that. The guy from work who usually tries to round us up to hang out got denied by all of us. I wasn’t down ’cause of what happened the week before plus my bro’s out of town and because I don’t feel like spending mad cash on alcohol today. I don’t know where I want to go out for dinner tonight. Maybe Kerbey Lane? I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Peace out.

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