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Before I start on my taxes for the night, I am going to write a short post for the day.

Today’s been relaxing. Mare and I stopped by the mall so she could return some clothes she order through mailorder. I found a fifty-pack of name brand DVD+R’s at Radio Shack for only twelve bucks including tax. Score! Mare also landed a copy of Jon Stewart’s America for only seven bucks at the mall bookstore. That was a definite score, because Half Price Books doesn’t sell that book for that cheap.

I also picked up my month’s supply of new comics. Even though I’m sooo behind on some of the series I read on a regular basis, I still have to keep up with the collecting. I just finished reading through the second issues of both Kick-Ass and Cable. I’m going to try to catch up on my comic reading by reading a comic a day and if I don’t, then it’ll be two the next day, etc.

The commentary to an episode of Mission Hill is currently playing in the background. I wish that series would have lasted longer than it did.

When I went by my mom’s yesterday, I had a jury summons letter waiting for me. I went online today to do the online version of impaneling. Unfortunately, I’m assigned to attend jury duty on the 24th. Grumble.

Well, the Mission Hill episode just ended. I think I’ll throw another one on while I start sorting through all my tax-filing paperwork. Tonight, TurboTax and I will be involved in a late night rendezvous.

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