the day after tax day

Tax Day has come and gone. I filed mine online a couple weekends ago, so I’m squared away. I am happy to be receiving a return this year as well as the Economic Stimulus bonus check.

Last few years weren’t so great. Last year, I ended up paying, because I was mostly self-employed, and the IRS likes to double-tax you if you earn income being self-employed. The couple years before only gave me measly returns versus this year’s but at least I got something back.

I see paying taxes in this country like a membership fee. It’s pretty expensive, but I feel that it’s worth every penny. To feel safe and protected in this country as well as having the many freedoms that would get you killed in other countries is all worth paying taxes. I also understand that it’s necessary in order to have many services that keep our country going strong.

I do have one thing to say about filing online. TurboTax knows how to try to snake you. They didn’t get me this year fortunately. Many free options are available to e-file if you check out the IRS website.

Some people have complex taxes and can’t go this route, but at this point in time of my life, I’m living relatively simple financial-wise so I was able to file for free. When it does get complicated, I will probably learn how to do my taxes myself… no, wait… that’s when I’ll fork up the fee. Yeah.

The weather’s been great. This month’s been great. My 9AM meeting is canceled tomorrow, so I’m not showing up ’til my usual 12PM. Time to eat some zucchini soup. Peace out.

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