the first day of the work week

The weekend came and went way too fast as usual. I surprisingly feel asleep real early on Saturday and didn’t wake up ’til Sunday. Sunday flew by, and Monday is mostly spent.

The work week begins. The first day is over. Four more to go.

This week will be interesting in the middle. On Wednesday, Thrice will be playing Stubb’s. I’m cashing in two hours of PTO to get to the show on time, since the doors open at 5:30PM. This means the show starts at 6:30PM. By the time I normally get out of work and make it to Stubb’s, Thrice will have already taken the stage.

I will enjoy myself that evening, because I’ve been looking forward to this show. Unfortunately, I will have to wake up waaay too early for my own good the next morning. I have my weekly vendor meeting that I have to attend with my boss where we chat with the vendor the same exact thing we can communicate through email. I guess it’s supposed to be some rapport-building experience, but I absolutely loathe it.

That day will be interesting. I will go to work at eight as opposed to nine. I will get out at 12PM, and I will be using four hours of PTO to make it to jury duty at 1:30PM and waste my time doing that for who knows how long. Then the gods will forgive me and make the next day Friday which will lead us into the weekend once again.

I’m not looking forward to Thursday, but fortunately, it’s the only day this week that looks grim.

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