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the brother to the rescue

My Debian machine completed a [email protected] work unit but wasn’t able to send it nor could it obtain a new work unit. I figured that Stanford’s [email protected] servers might be offline. When I checked, they were fully functional.

I figured that something was up with Diode, my Debian machine, when it couldn’t connect to the internet. This explained why it wasn’t able to send the work unit or receive a new one.

I did my search engine/forum hunt for a solution and tried the many command line solutions that the GNU/Linux wizards provided to no avail. It was time to bust out the big guns: call up my bro.

I really didn’t want to bug him so late at nite, but he helps me figure these kind of issues out and I was already not thinking straight since I had been tinkering without progress for a while by this time. I was able to access all of computers on the internal network, but Diode couldn’t communicate with the outside which was very odd.

My bro just told me to restart the router, and it solved everything. After digging myself into a really deep technical hole, the last thing on my mind was to reboot the router.

So I’m writing this on my Debian machine successfully connected to the internet as a way of saying thanks. All he really had to do was talk it through with me, and everything was fixed.

In other news, today was my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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