the work & the worth

When your social circle has creative minds with prolific ideas, these types of thoughts will run through your head.

A mixture of passion and effort is a key ingredient to making something creative happen. Whether it’s art, writing, music or some other creative outlet, expressing talent to the public requires hard work.

When hard work is involved, most of us won’t pour blood, sweat, and tears into anything unless we know that a pay-off is guaranteed or some sort of reward or valued recognition.

Some of us think that the gold is easily obtainable and won’t invest enough passion, effort, or hard work to make the ideas solidify. This usually results in a million dreams that vaporize into thin air.

Some of us don’t want to put up with failures. Some of us don’t want to learn from mistakes. Some of us think initial efforts will result in obtaining the crown that we feel we deserve. Oh how naïve the princes can be.

I work a day job. It takes longer for anything I do creative to solidify. This may sound self-absorbed to some of you, but I feel I put forth more effort in solidifying my ideas than most in my social circle of creatives with prolific ideas. I’d have to say 448 and counting posts in this “living site” alone speaks for itself.

Let’s see who gets more done in a certain amount of time.

Don’t give up.
Don’t forget.
Don’t let go.

That’s what’s keep you behind and has kept you behind for years.
That’s why nothing has solidified.
That’s why you’re wasting your time reading this than getting business done.

That’s why I’ve reaped rewards from what I’ve already done.
That’s why I learned from my failures and mistakes.
That’s why I have a better understanding.

That’s why I’m happier.

That’s why I’m more prolific.

I may not be the most talented guy in the block and I may live in a city where all creative outlets are beyond saturated, but I feel I have the passion to do creative things. I’m not trying to change the world or please the masses. I’m not just doing my creative things for myself.

Sometimes I wish people could focus their creative drive instead of wasting the energy by soaking up other people’s creative efforts and being a useless critic to that which does not suit their tastes. Even though the scene is oversaturated, great and memorable efforts surface from it, raise the bar and continue the evolution.

What is all this creation going to amount to? Anything? Nothing? A line or two on a résumé? Money? Success? Making history?

Or maybe I am just trying to achieve what every aging being with an ounce of intellect on this planet is trying to achieve: a higher degree of wisdom obtained through experience.

What will you leave behind for everyone to remember you by when you die and the worms are burrowing through every hole in your skull?

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