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After the Dynamite Boy show, Neil, Mare and I drove back north and stopped by Wally World to pick up the XBox 360 version of the Rock Band Special Edition set that includes the guitar, drums, mic, and game. We planned on picking it up over the weekend, so then was the time.

It was already half past two by the time we were back in the car, and we still needed to pick up Neil’s car, drive back his place, set up the game, and have at it. Following Neil back to his place, I was definitely feeling major fatigue like I didn’t want to set up the game and wait ’til Sunday.

When we finally got to his place, it was close to three. Gunner was on the couch playing his advanced copy of GTA4. I was definitely getting a second wind while we set everything up Once we were ready to go, we played well into the night. By the time we were way too tired, it was already past six in the morning.

I slept in the next day. I slept in hard. When I was fully awake and functioning again, the clock read half past five in the afternoon. I was supposed to accompany my bro to bring my dad to the airport since his short vacation in town this past week ended. My mom ended up taking him to the airport. I think my bro had a Spurs game to watch, but I’m sure he slept through his alarm as well.

Around six, Neil texted me to see if I wanted to play some more Rock Band. They had already started, and K$ brought the second guitar.

That Sunday, K$, Gunner, MJ Carmichael, Neil, Mare, and I were troopers that played Rock Band for six more hours straight. That game is amazing. I love it. It’s very entertaining, and the multiplayer aspect makes it all worth spending so much time playing.

I’m sure we may get down and dirty on it this weekend. I’ll definitely be down. We need to conquer that game no matter how difficult it gets. It has already thrown us a few left hooks but nothing we couldn’t beat down. Demon Semen will conquer the world with its rock! That’s our band name. ; )

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