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A DVD is backed up over the network. The data is transferred to Diode, the alway-folding Debian system that hums quietly all day.

Work went by fast, but it was busy enough to be considered a stressfest. I’m glad to be back at the apartment, but Mare and I still have to make a stop by the Bust before our free DVD coupon expires as well as exchange a title after the backup completes.

Tomorrow is the early day, and again, I’m not looking forward to it. I will be in bed before 1AM, but I still have one more post to promise you after this.

I’m eagerly waiting for my new machine to arrive. I’m ready to assemble it. I’m ready to stay up all night relaxing to bringing something to life. It’s very therapeutic. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be building another one by the end of the year.

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. I’m excited. Mare and I will be on the road by 9AM to be one of the early birds to snag up some of that good stuff. The comic-collecting community is made up mostly of very nice people, so I am happy to be part of it. Now, I haven’t had experience on the creator standpoint, but maybe some day soon.

Mare and I had some amazing T. Bell. Their bacon club chalupa is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says. I love it. It was missing for a while, but they brought it back. I know it’s a specialty item that’s only around periodically like Whataburger’s T&H, but when it’s around, I’m on it. I’m gonna eat it at least once a week ’til it disappears from the menu again. If it becomes a permanent menu item, then it’s on!

73%. This disc’s copying over quick. I’m gonna end this rant here, and one more will follow before midnight. For now, peace out.

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