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the spothook

Spothook – beFour
Track 4 off Time (Wasted, Stolen & Borrowed)
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Sounds like: Autechre
Spothook is one of my childhood friends with whom I don’t keep in touch with enough these days. =/
Here’s some SEO for you. You found my blog, Bruce. Now email me when you discover this.

the credits move together in a tiny circle

Dear Taco Bell,
Please make the bacon club chalupa a permanent menu item. I am madly in love with it and will order it all the time if you do.
As long as chicken and bacon exist, the bacon club chalupa should as well. The bacon club chalupa is my most favorite menu item, and I do […]

the phenom 9850 black edition

A present for c0rey…

The AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor

The ‘985’ designates it as a 9850. The ‘0810’ deciphers as 10th week of 2008 which means this processor was manufactured in March.

The 2.8GHz OC wasn’t stable as you see in the screenshot, but 2.7GHz is running just fine. I love the technicolor spaghetti in […]

the ‘zas of may

Since it’s the last day of the month and I haven’t posting much lately, this will be the post that covers all of the homemade pizzas Mare and I made and enjoyed in May.

May 8th
Pepperoni & Canadian Bacon
A huge bubble formed in the middle and sent the toppings
sliding to the edges like lava flowing down […]

the 3 in 3 days

one in the closet with bleach and a carton of salt
one in the doorway slammed its head in
one with a swift maneuver with the broom and it got stuck in the bristles

the 4gb flash drive for about twenty bucks

Flash drives have been getting bigger and less expensive lately. Check out the Kingston 4GB DataTraveler. I own one of these awesome little devices myself.

How did they manage to pack 4GB in such a small space? Anyway, Kingston is known for their high-grade memory. I stick by them when it comes to my choice for […]

the foldman finishes his first fold

c0reyfoldman (machine ID 5) for sigmarevenge (Team 32):
May 24, 2008 9am – 1,760 points
[08:12:45] + Processing work unit
[08:12:45] Core required: FahCore_a1.exe
[08:12:45] Core found.
[08:12:45] Working on Unit 01 [May 22 08:12:45]
[08:12:45] + Working …
[08:12:45] *——————————*
[08:12:45] [email protected] Gromacs SMP Core
[08:12:45] Version 1.74 (November 27, 2006)
[08:12:45] Preparing to commence simulation
[08:12:45] – Ensuring status. Please wait.
[08:12:46] – Starting from […]