the letter to c0rey

[yes, a guy writes a letter to his computer…]


This is your last night. You’ve worn out your welcome. You have spent enough of time my time sitting in that corner. I’ve wasted too much time making you function correctly. We’ve spent many stages of your creation together, and I’ve had enough.

Remember when you worked right the first time when I used that 32-bit Debian-based IMG, Pendrivelinux? How about when you finished your first fold?

I really tried to get Sidux Nye to work for you, but you didn’t want to take it. Then we finally came to a compromise when you agreed to Ubuntu Hardy Heron amd64, but you refused to take the graphics driver.

You loved to interrupt me when I was working on something else by displaying your glorious errors. I’ve never had to browse through so many forums in my life. This was a lesson learned.

I’ve fallen behind on everything fun: writing, reading comics, watching DVDs, hanging out with Mare, eight hours of sleep.

A 1GB flash drive wasn’t enough. You needed four.

You didn’t even overclock well enough. Sure, I had environmentally-friendly on my mind picking you out because you were energy-efficient, but you should have been doing everything correct since you were first built.

I hope you’re back to where I had you six hours ago working decently, so I can move you out of here.

Peace out.

Author: Sig

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