the ten-dollar usb wireless optical mouse

After a long day at work, I like to go home and relax to my media PC. Sometimes, I just want to lay in bed and just watch a DVD. When I’m watching a TV or cartoon series, I don’t always want to watch the entire disc.

Unfortunately, most discs will go back to the episode selection menu after an episode is finished. When I’m laying in bed, I really don’t want to get up and go back to the computer to start the next episode.

This is where an optical wireless mouse comes in handy. I can just plug the digital signal processor into the computer and stay in bed with the mouse and be able to click around without having to get up. This is also great after I’ve finished a movie and want to browse the special features.

I was looking around online, and I found a USB wireless mouse for $10! It also has Free Shipping. If I would have known that I could have gotten one for this unbelievable price, then I would have probably waited.

This mouse has everything I’m looking for: an optical sensor, two buttons, and a scroll wheel. Mouses that still use the ball are archaic with today’s technology. Having an optical sensor allows me to use the mouse on my mattress when I’m cozy watching a movie. Two buttons are necessary, because navigating is much easier when you have the right-click. The scroll wheel is a must-have, because browsing the internet should be a comfortable experience.

If you aren’t already doing what this guy’s doing and laying in bed to a DVD after a hard day’s work, then you should invest in a wireless mouse and put a new spin on being a couch… er, bed potato.

Author: Sig

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