the ten reasons why blogging makes me happy

When Web 2.0 surfaced, everyone who used the internet could take their creativity to the next level.

Blogging is one of the many facets where writers, journalists, photographers, and other creative types can express themselves in different forms. Whether through writing, linking, posting videos, and/or sharing images, bloggers have been able to use the medium to spread their thoughts, opinions, and interests all across the world.

With this freedom, blogging makes me happy. Here are ten reasons why:

1. Blogging is free. Anyone with a passion to be creative can use blogging as a gateway to share their endeavors.

2. No one can tell you what you can and can’t blog about. Blogging is an extension of our freedom of speech. We cannot be censored. We can speak our minds without restriction. We can write about anything we want, when we want, and in any way we want.

3. Anyone who can connect to the internet can read your blog. Blogs don’t exist without a URL. Browsers point to URLs. Most people who use the internet use the web. The web is connected through browsers. Your voice is heard worldwide.

4. Blogging platforms allow the exchange of ideas and opinions through feeds, commenting, and pingbacks. If you use a blog, then you know that simply publishing a post will channel your work through the various feed aggregators and anyone that wishes to comment on your writing can do so. This gets your words out to the world much easier than just hosting a web page with your writing and hoping the web crawlers know you exist.

5. If you’ve put together your own blog, then you may have learned some computer language like SQL or PHP. I’m a total computer geek. I love code, and it may appear foreign to most but after using it for so long, it has become a second language to me.

6. You can find people with similar interests. The communication channel is endless. Whether it’s a band you like or a hobby you’re searching for information on, someone in the blogosphere has probably written something about it.

7. Blogging is the present and future of fast-paced viral communication. When something new surfaces, blogs can post the information and spread it throughout the web as quickly as any other medium. Marketing firms, news companies, and corporate businesses have witnessed the effectiveness in exposure done through blogging and have latched on it by creating blogs of their own or channeling through popular blogs.

8. Blogging can make you money and get you some awesome promotional items. Bloggers can take advantage of writing posts to promote an item, do some linking for a company, and promote any other creative endeavors through their blog like a band or a book they wrote. This can generate some extra cashflow which makes bloggers happy.

9. With millions of ideas, opinions, and all types of other information swirling around the web every second of the day, blogging gives me one of the most valuable web tools that allows me to throw my two cents into the mix.

10. Blogging makes me happy, because it is an experience that has proved itself to be the next evolution in keeping a journal. My ideas and writing are saved in a database and is preserved for eternity in the form of ones and zeros. No paper is wasted nor can I lose a tangible book that contains years of my ideas, opinions, personal essays, findings, and rants.

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