the 4gb flash drive for about twenty bucks

Flash drives have been getting bigger and less expensive lately. Check out the Kingston 4GB DataTraveler. I own one of these awesome little devices myself.

How did they manage to pack 4GB in such a small space? Anyway, Kingston is known for their high-grade memory. I stick by them when it comes to my choice for RAM. My notebook and three desktops all use Kingston memory.

When I was building my newest desktop, I first went with a 1GB flash drive to install an operating system on. Finding out that 64-bit Debian-based systems needed more than 1GB of space, I needed to get a bigger flash drive.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend much more to get a 4GB flash drive by Kingston. I realize that I’m not using the drive for its main purpose of general data storage, but I am using it to a point where it can be overworked and can possibly malfunction.

Knowing that I’m using the top-quality brand Kingston, I have faith that I will not run into any issues for the life of the flash drive. If you’re looking for a compact solution to store your pictures, MP3s, or even some DivX movies, then the Kingston 4GB flash drive is your perfect match.


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