the phenom 9850 black edition

A present for c0rey…

The AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor

The ‘985’ designates it as a 9850. The ‘0810’ deciphers as 10th week of 2008 which means this processor was manufactured in March.

The 2.8GHz OC wasn’t stable as you see in the screenshot, but 2.7GHz is running just fine. I love the technicolor spaghetti in Ubuntu’s CPU History system monitor.

Funny story behind obtaining this processor:

I had just lost an eBay auction for a Phenom 9600 Black Edition. I looked on craigslist, and someone in town had just listed a 9850 for less than what the 9600 went for on eBay. I contact the guy that I want to buy it, and we end up meeting up the next night a quarter after ten at night in a parking lot by a sushi bar.

The guy doesn’t even have my name straight, and it appears allergies or a cold has gotten him ’cause he was constantly sniffling. He gets something out of his car, and it looks like a bag of coke.

I freak out. I panic and say, “Dude, I think you got the wrong guy. I came here for a computer processor.”

As it turns out, he had put the processor in a blanket of paper towels, and I misinterpreted it under the one streetlight we were under. He pulls out a flashlight for me to check it out. I have Mare hand me the empty retail plastic case for my BE-2300 to safely transport the Phenom and my flashlight.

The processor checks out, and I give the guy the cash and have him fill out a bill of sale. End of story.

Peace out.

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