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the machines that coexist with us can also have baby pictures

The Twin Machines (left to right): k0rma & 1nertia
Born SAT 2008-JUN-27 3PM

the post explosion continues…

Since next month is a month filled with fireworks, I’m shooting for thirty-one posts in July.
Stay tuned. It will be fun.

the farm

Just a few updates:

Added three new platys to the Hex-5: a gold Mickey Mouse platy, a red Mickey Mouse platy, and a red wag platy. The sunburst wag platy that we still have really likes the company of the red wag.
The new editions to the folding farm are still pending completion. The Twin Machines, k0rma […]

the 1:43

The random web search at 1:43AM

the summer

The heat is back, and I haven’t been posting much at all lately. Let’s just say I’ve been living blog-free for a little bit. I can’t leave you hanging for too long, so I felt obligated to write up a quick post on this lazy Saturday. My internet connection was out, since Thursday and they […]

the mighty fine burgers in austin

Mare returned to Austin from her Canada/North Carolina trip yesterday. We had lunch at Mighty Fine which is pretty fine but I wouldn’t say mighty fine. They are owned by the same people that own Rudy’s which is their gimmicky barbecue place. My only beef with Mighty Fine is that their prices are too damn […]

the messy desktop

My desktop about fifteen minutes ago.