the gig of notebook memory for under fifteen bucks

I am amazed how computer memory has gotten so inexpensive lately. I found this amazing deal on a gigabyte of notebook memory. For fourteen bucks, you can upgrade the memory in your laptop. As a bonus, it also comes with Free Shipping. To drive and pick up memory like this will cost you gas, and you will pay more at an electronics store.

Having enough memory in your computer is crucial if you want to be able to run all of today’s applications. You need at least a gig to run the latest and greatest software. Don’t hesitate to upgrade the memory on your computer. You will notice an increase in performance which will make multi-tasking easier for you. You’ll experience less crashes, and your uptime will be more efficient.

I upgraded my notebook a couple years ago by adding a 512MB stick to my system, and I can tell you that it cost me more than double of what a gig runs these days. If I would have known that memory prices would have dropped like this, I would have held back and replaced both memory sticks in my notebook with a couple of these.

Kingston is the brand that I swear by. All of the computers that I have built and own are loaded with this brand of memory. Kingston’s line of computer memory is backed up with a lifetime warranty which proves that they make quality products for the end-user.


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