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The heat is back, and I haven’t been posting much at all lately. Let’s just say I’ve been living blog-free for a little bit. I can’t leave you hanging for too long, so I felt obligated to write up a quick post on this lazy Saturday. My internet connection was out, since Thursday and they finally got it running again today so hooray from them (*sarcasm*).

I fired on my twin machines earlier this week, and they are running great. Neil and I picked up the materials yesterday to build a custom case for them tomorrow. Since it was early in the morning, we had some barbacoa tacos for breakfast that were bomb.

Last night, we saw Rancid at La Zona Rosa. They played an excellent show. I was surprised by how much they played off …And Out Come The Wolves. Check it:
(This is in the order of the album, not in the order they played them.)

  • Maxwell Murder
  • Roots Radicals
  • Time Bomb (first encore song)
  • Olympia, WA
  • Lock, Step & Gone
  • Ruby Soho (last encore song)
  • Journey to the End of the East Bay
  • Old Friend
  • The War’s End
  • The Way I Feel

They also played a bunch from Let’s Go:
(Again, the order’s from the album, not from the show)

  • Nihilism
  • Radio
  • Salvation
  • Tenderloin
  • Gunshot
  • St. Mary

Rancid – St. Mary – La Zona Rosa, Austin TX – June 13, 2008

They played Hyena and Rejected off their second self-titled album and Hoover Street and a couple others from Life Won’t Wait. I can’t remember what else they played, but they played so many songs. Neil and I got to show just in time to enjoy a beer and then see Rancid. The show lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, and they didn’t do any bullshitting between songs. They just played them one after the other. We definitely got our money’s worth plus Neil scored himself the shirt he was looking for with the …And Out Come the Wolves cover on it.

I also enjoyed the visuals they had coming from a projector. This sold out show marked Neil and I’s first time to see Rancid which was at Vans Warped Tour ’98 in San Antonio. Their new drummer, Branden Steineckert, did an amazing job. The rest of the band was awesome as always.

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