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the farm

Just a few updates:

  • Added three new platys to the Hex-5: a gold Mickey Mouse platy, a red Mickey Mouse platy, and a red wag platy. The sunburst wag platy that we still have really likes the company of the red wag.
  • The new editions to the folding farm are still pending completion. The Twin Machines, k0rma and 1nertia, are awaiting their customized acrylic case with vintage stereo cabinet windows for side panels. A few more holes to line up the pieces, and the rest should fall into place.
  • c0rey’s motherboard, an ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI Socket AM2+, has been RMA’ed. ASUS says it will take ten working days from when they receive the board. I mailed it through USPS Priority Mail on Monday night, so they should have it by now. The countdown for c0rey’s rebirth continues.
  • I had this daydream of renting out an air-conditioned storage closet that has power outlets and run a folding farm out of one of those. Once I figure out how to get an internet connection from inside that closet, I will be good to go.

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