the alkaline trio live in austin texas

I’m a little on the late side on posting these videos on here. Alkaline Trio played an amazing show at La Zona Rosa a couple Mondays ago. Here’s a few songs I managed to capture. I really wanted to get their second encore song, Radio, but my camera ran out of juice. Enjoy.

“Calling All Skeletons”

“Armageddon” [for b00g]

“Help Me”

I’m eager with anticipation for when they return to Austin in October with a couple other great bands at Austin Music Hall: Thrice and Rise Against. That will be my rock show of the year.

the dark pint

Mare and I really enjoyed the midnight showing of The Dark Knight at the Alamo on Lake Creek. Thanks to PK for hooking us up with the tickets.

The story was great. The actors did very well. The special effects were amazing. The pace of the movie kept you in your seat no matter how bad you had to pee. This is definitely a movie that I’d love again time and time after. I’m willing to go as far as say this is one of the better comics-based movies I’ve seen. Iron Man was great, but this movie was a little better. Yeah, I said it.

Alamo Drafthouse
had a bonus for purchasing pints on top of their two-dollar pint special. They had special pint glasses made that had the modern Batman logo with ‘ALAMO’ on it and in little letters below that read ‘THE DARK PINT’ for a buck and a half each. The location we went to was limited to 300 glasses, and our waiter said they’d most likely be out before the weekend was over. We took the limited offer and got ourselves a couple. Now we’ll have a collector’s item that we can enjoy our Mothership Wit out of.

Well, I basically just got back, and I’ve been since eight this morning. I have tentative plans to go to North and South for some Chinese buffet action this weekend. I got that heatsink I had my eye on at Fry’s today and will probably switch it tomorrow if not tonight. I’m tired. Peace out.

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the alley oop

I finally had the chance to watch Semi-Pro on DVD tonight. I enjoyed it. I don’t watch enough comedies. I’m looking forward to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight tomorrow night.

I’m winding up for that explosion I mentioned at the end of last month. I’ve just been really hesitant to sit at the computer working at home like I do at work, and updating what you’re reading here right now can feel like work sometimes.

I’ll give you the quick life update, since I’m not sure when I’ll be writing in this again (but I will soon I promise!).

Work is pretty much the same as usual. Tomorrow is my literal nine to five, but I can enjoy the afternoon into the evening with the few extra hours I get to savor. Thursdays fly so fast, too. Then it’s Friday then the weekend. My workload has been lightening up some, and it’s not so hectic as it was a few months ago. I still have to deal with fixing human error all the time, but that’s part of the job description.

I’ve been trying to read more and more. I’m into the third chapter of The Worthing Saga which isn’t very far but it’s the farthest I’ve gotten in a novel in a long time and these chapters are long.

I’m working through reading my recent back issues of series that are still going right now. Let me just mention a few: Young Liars, Cable, X-Force, Young X-Men, 1985, The End League, Transhuman, Omega the Unknown, and Hulk. Those are the fresh titles I’m keeping up with right now. Uncanny X-Men #500 comes out next week, and it has something like four variant covers of course. One is by Alex Ross, but I’m sure that’ll be one of the rare ones. I’m just going for the one the regular one, because I only read Uncanny X-Men in 1991 when they were about to hit the 300th issue. You know… when Bishop made his first appearance in #282.

I’ve also got a stack of Asimov pulp that I’ll be slowly churning through for summer reading.

I RMA’ed c0rey’s motherboard. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, but I’m too focused on getting this done and going to sleep to wake up way too early tomorrow for work to check if I did or not. They said a ten business-day turnaround. It’s been way longer than that. I called them up, because their RMA search engine does not work at all for me. They know they have it, but they told me that they’re still working on it. I hope it shows up next week. It’s been too long.

The Twin Machines are doing well. k0rma folds 24/7 now. When they’re both on, the case gets way too hot. I haven’t fired on 1nertia in days, because the fan on the heatsink it too loud for my taste when the processor is on full load. I’m thinking of getting a silent HSF, but I’m still thinking about it. The one on c0rey is pretty quiet. I’ve also been looking at a Thermaltake, but I have that dilemma of having an X2 5200+ with 1MB L2 cache that gets really toasty and the Thermaltake I’m looking at is really designed for low-wattage processors.

Gas has practically hit four bucks a gallon. I have posts from not too long ago where I’m surprised it was three bucks a gallon. The summer is too hot for me. I’m not really an outdoors person during the summer except at night.

I’m reaching the end of my ramble ’cause I’m done with things to type for tonight. Peace out.

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the 4th of july explosion extravaganza

In case you missed out on the wonderful time we had this Independence Day or if you were part of the fun and would like to view the footage everyone in attendance wanted for keeps, here is the video assembled by [your favourite c0g].

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the transfinite cardinals (the bloggers blogging about blogs)

Why is blogging about blogs something bloggers love about having a blog? A blogger many times will search for their blog. A blogger’s goal sometimes is to improve the blog’s SEO and get more hits. A bloggerific blog will usually blogvertise by setting up an SEO keyword to make more money to fund their blogilicious weblog that gets more hits than Google, Yahoo and Boing Boing.

This has been a feeble attempt at a feed aggregator‘s wet dream. Bloggers blog about blogging blogtalk trackback shoe shine because newsfeeds will eat a blogger’s writing like a hungry leech like in bittorrents and those mininova delights.

The portals are Mozilla Firefox 3 and the latest version of Thunderbird. Bloggers waste blogtime by watching YouTube. Blogs on MySpace are so passé. Having your own domain is where it’s at. Posting posts and leaving comments, making a gravatar, and sharing what they think about WordPress 5.0 (an anachronism at the time of this writing).

If you’ve read this far, then you probably realize by now that this post is nothing but an intermediate gateway driven by hyperlinks and keywords and talking about the latest gadgets like the iPhone or speaking nostalgic like free NES ROMs or even saying the United States and terrorism in the same sentence.

The internet loves it. The One Machine could not exist if it wasn’t for blogtastic blogartistic blogsmiths blogging about chocolate rain or this video.

Where you are right now, right at this moment, peering into a single facet of the digital universe assembled with insane combinations of ones and zeroes. That’s why bloggers blog about blogging in their blogs.

Garlic-stuffed pork tenderloin and two cups of
Jasmine white rice on a plate stuck to the ceiling.