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the alkaline trio live in austin texas

I’m a little on the late side on posting these videos on here. Alkaline Trio played an amazing show at La Zona Rosa a couple Mondays ago. Here’s a few songs I managed to capture. I really wanted to get their second encore song, Radio, but my camera ran out of juice. Enjoy.

“Calling All Skeletons”

“Armageddon” […]

the post explosion this month is a dud

At the end of last month, I mentioned that I was going to go for thirty-one posts. I don’t think it’s going to happen.
July has been too hot for thinking and writing. I just haven’t been posting much lately. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe the fire will kick back in next month. We’ll see.

the ninja pop

I was googling around for a play involving ninjas, and of course, “play” on the internet relates more to games than dramatic compositions. Here’s something that diverted my attention. Have fun.

the dark pint

Mare and I really enjoyed the midnight showing of The Dark Knight at the Alamo on Lake Creek. Thanks to PK for hooking us up with the tickets.
The story was great. The actors did very well. The special effects were amazing. The pace of the movie kept you in your seat no matter how bad […]

the alley oop

I finally had the chance to watch Semi-Pro on DVD tonight. I enjoyed it. I don’t watch enough comedies. I’m looking forward to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight tomorrow night.
I’m winding up for that explosion I mentioned at the end of last month. I’ve just been really hesitant to sit at the computer […]

the 4th of july explosion extravaganza

In case you missed out on the wonderful time we had this Independence Day or if you were part of the fun and would like to view the footage everyone in attendance wanted for keeps, here is the video assembled by [your favourite c0g].

the transfinite cardinals (the bloggers blogging about blogs)

Why is blogging about blogs something bloggers love about having a blog? A blogger many times will search for their blog. A blogger’s goal sometimes is to improve the blog’s SEO and get more hits. A bloggerific blog will usually blogvertise by setting up an SEO keyword to make more money to fund their blogilicious […]