the dark pint

Mare and I really enjoyed the midnight showing of The Dark Knight at the Alamo on Lake Creek. Thanks to PK for hooking us up with the tickets.

The story was great. The actors did very well. The special effects were amazing. The pace of the movie kept you in your seat no matter how bad you had to pee. This is definitely a movie that I’d love again time and time after. I’m willing to go as far as say this is one of the better comics-based movies I’ve seen. Iron Man was great, but this movie was a little better. Yeah, I said it.

Alamo Drafthouse
had a bonus for purchasing pints on top of their two-dollar pint special. They had special pint glasses made that had the modern Batman logo with ‘ALAMO’ on it and in little letters below that read ‘THE DARK PINT’ for a buck and a half each. The location we went to was limited to 300 glasses, and our waiter said they’d most likely be out before the weekend was over. We took the limited offer and got ourselves a couple. Now we’ll have a collector’s item that we can enjoy our Mothership Wit out of.

Well, I basically just got back, and I’ve been since eight this morning. I have tentative plans to go to North and South for some Chinese buffet action this weekend. I got that heatsink I had my eye on at Fry’s today and will probably switch it tomorrow if not tonight. I’m tired. Peace out.


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