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the retrospection

The first real post I wrote in Modern Soapbox was two years ago today. Wow! How much longer will I keep updating in this blog?
If you’re too lazy to access the archives, blast to the past a couple years back by clicking this.

the craftsmanship of luxury watches

Jewelry stores and fashion boutiques in Austin have great selections of luxury watches. Some brands look good, but the craftsmanship isn’t as good as some of the well-known names. If you want a genuine luxury watch, then you look for brands like Tag Heuer, Cartier, or Movado.
Sporting a fancy timepiece on your wrist is a […]

the digital picture frame reviews

The holidays are around the corner, and everyone is wondering what to get each other. It’s 2008. Get your loved one something digital. We’re living in the digital age. Everyone must own the digital version of everything. Books are now e-books. The “tube” is now LCD and hi-def. Vinyl to cassette to CD and now […]

the peace of mind

Insurance is a necessary evil. Some people question why they should pay money every month for something they don’t use. In the car insurance world, you never know when you need it. States have passed law that require it.
Life insurance is required for your loved ones. You never know when you may pass on or […]

the gift baskets

There are many occasions in one’s life where it is appropriate to give a gift to others. Evens such as birthdays, weddings, promotions, and graduations are all evens in which gifts are appropriate.  For these such instances, Gift Baskets may be appropriate.
You could give Gift Baskets to your new hires welcoming them to town. The […]

the bedroom furniture

Relaxation is precious  in today’s hectic modern society. It’s essential to your well being to have a relaxing bedroom. This can be done by painting, window treatments, Bedroom Furniture, and accessories.
Choosing Contemporary Bedroom Furniture will create a modern look for your room and allowing you to feel at ease. Modern Bedroom Furniture features sleek lines […]

the best selection for lcd televisions

The next generation in televisions, models built flat with LCD screens, is becoming the mainstream in home theaters. Since LCD televisions are becoming commonplace in homes all over the world, the prices are significantly dropping.
LCD televisions for less than £300 (that’s $558.78 for you Americans) are widely available. Granted, you won’t be getting one of […]