the magnavox smart sound plugin for software dvd players

I just finished watching the third season of Bones. The theme song is done by The Crystal Method, and the volume gets really loud when the music plays at the beginning of each episode.

Magnavox revolutionized the television set back in the days of square glowing boxes versus today’s slim hi-def descendents when they featured an option called Smart Sound. Basically, it was automatic volume control but was very effective when TV shows went to commercials which were intentionally much louder.

With this plugin which is compatible with most popular DVD-playing applications in the universe, the software you use to watch DVDs on your computer will have the ability to adjust the volume if it goes outside the parameter you set. This is very effective if you like to watch TV at bedtime, and the film or show you’re watching has loud explosions or parts where much louder music plays.

I’m dreaming or maybe I’m not. Does software like this exist? You tell me.

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