the love of DVDs

Even though Blu-ray won the hi-def digital disc format, DVDs are still the prevalent form of home theater viewing today. VHS stuck around for a while, and you can still find them in bargain bins everywhere. DVDs provide quality that stays consistent view after view and will probably stay around for years to come.

With the latest and greatest technology in high-definition viewing entertainment moves on to higher-density discs, the DVD has become a commodity that is widely available at very affordable prices. DVD players are found as stand-alone systems that can be hooked up to a television, in both desktop mobile computers, as well as high-definition movie theaters (R5s).

The DVD format is also used for today’s video games. The amount of data that can fit on a dual-layer disc provides enhanced rendering for more realistic imagery.

DVD±R media holds gigabytes of data and can be used to back up information such as: important documents, programs, photographs, and even DVDs. Advanced compression algorithms in easily obtainable software such as DVD Shrink allow normal DVDs to fit on single-layer DVD±R discs.

DVDs are widespread revolutions in themselves. They have become the accepted form of physical media in the mainstream.

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