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the boy you hit pay dirt

I haven’t been writing much about my life in here lately, because it’s been pretty monotonous and unexciting for the most part.
K$, Mare and I watched The Onion Movie followed by The Love Guru tonight. Both comedies had a couple similar elements. The ones I noticed were the penis jokes galore and elephants.
I wrote this […]

the juiced hybrids

Driving a car has become more and more expensive as the years go by mainly due to the rising cost of petroleum. Many drivers have turned to hybrid cars to save on the expense of keeping gas in the tank.
If you’re a hybrid car owner and the type who likes to “trick out your ride,” […]

the american pastime

When the baseball season arrives, millions of fans flock to some of the country’s most popular stadiums to witness history in the making. Tickets can be expensive depending on where you want to sit for the games, but some of the best prices can be found on the web.
Wrigley Field Tickets get snatched up quick […]

the icontact

Email has become a mainstream method of communication for businesses and individuals alike. Sending out a periodical email newsletter is a great way for a company to reach out to their customers, partners, and employees.
Many email software solutions are available on the web, but depending on how much email volume is sent out, a robust […]

the wire pr0n

That’s hott.

the ceiling fans

When the hot months of the year bring high temperatures, the electric bill becomes more expensive due to the extra cooling required to keep a living space at a comfortable temperature. Instead of overpowering the A/C unit, having quality ceiling fans installed can keep the air circulating and temperatures lower with the air flowing fast […]

the rooi


You had trouble grabbing those food pellets when it was feeding time, but you still managed to live a full life. Ivory only left a couple weeks ago, but your time arrived to follow.